Leeuwarden, European Capital of Exiled Governments

In Germany and in the Netherlands, Frisians are worried about the wave of referenda and separation going through Europe and the world recent years. Quebec, Scotland, Kurdistan, Catalonia, Padania and Ambazonia, just to name a few. The Yazidis and the Rohingya driven from their lands. In the midst of this, the city of Leeuwarden inContinue reading “Leeuwarden, European Capital of Exiled Governments”

Lodging etiquette in Ostfriesland

Before the owner of the house agrees to give you lodging for the night, it might be you have to show him your silver. Like a computer ‘safe button’ avant la lettre probably a child gets sore ears as well. These were the ways of the first legally blondes. Be prepared that you might encounterContinue reading “Lodging etiquette in Ostfriesland”

What’s hip and happening on the grasslands?

How do we Frisians spent our time off? Frisians in the Netherlands must have loads of it because perspectives for a job are about the lowest in the country. And those who have a job, face no traffic jams consuming precious hours every day either like the people of the cities in the south ofContinue reading “What’s hip and happening on the grasslands?”

How to recognize the Frisians by name?

This is one of the simplest things there is, once you got the hang of it. ‘A child can do the laundry,’ as they say in Dutch. Which has nothing to do with a history of child labor, by the way. Understanding the logic of Frisian names, is essential if you want to achieve aContinue reading “How to recognize the Frisians by name?”

Freezing Frisians, who are these people?

For those never having met a native Frisian, here is a crash course. There are some remarkable things to mention and rules to live by. Before I start describing what makes the Frisians different, I have to apologize for my poor discrimination skills. I was raised in Cameroon, in Africa. All my friends were nativesContinue reading “Freezing Frisians, who are these people?”