Sailors escaped from Cyclops

“The reason I am late for class? Well, there was a strange cat in our barn this morning, and I stepped in its poop. Therefore, I first had to clean my shoes before I could go to school. That’s the reason. Really!” A similar pretext was made in the year 1040, by a bunch ofContinue reading “Sailors escaped from Cyclops”

Shipwrecked people of the salt marshes

Tidal marshlands and Frisians. A dual entity. The Chauci and the Frisians (Frisii) had learned to adapt to this unprotected, hospitable salty environment. A vast area of treeless, tidal marshlands. No rocks, no wood, not much sweetwater, and frequently flooded by the sea. But where these tribes nonetheless prospered at the time the ‘civilized’ RomansContinue reading “Shipwrecked people of the salt marshes”

Giants of Twilight Land

On the edge of land and sea, where it is difficult to tell what is land and what is not, life is rough. The corrosive salt of the sea is devastating to most land species. Hence the near treeless landscape of the flat tidal marshlands of (former) Frisia. Vice versa, most living things in waterContinue reading “Giants of Twilight Land”

Have a Frisians Cocktail

With the coming seasonal festivities at the end of the year, it is appropriate to serve you a flavorful cocktail. It is a cocktail from the list ‘Myths of Nations’, namely the ‘Frisians Cocktail’. Its recipe is not as old as some people thought it was, or would like it to be, but it isContinue reading “Have a Frisians Cocktail”

Grassland Conversation

Being at the grasslands might lead to encounters with farmers or other wanderers and, of course, with ‘birdwatchers’ (see also the note at the end of this post). These encounters go in slow motion, and in clearly defined phases. These phases should be observed strictly if you have any ambition to mingle with locals, orContinue reading “Grassland Conversation”

Porcupines bore U.S. bucks

On May 5th, 2018, it was exactly two centuries ago that Karl Marx was born. When in 1867 the good man published the first part of Das Kapital, Marx was actually 1,300 years too late to turn the tide. The ship had sailed. Ships of selfish Frisian merchants in pursuit of personal wealth, to beContinue reading “Porcupines bore U.S. bucks”

Women of Frisia: free and unbound?

Below Saskia Holleman. The reincarnation of Mata Hari, her fellow-citizen. Saskia, born in 1945 in the city of Leeuwarden in province Friesland. Standing naked in milky grasslands with Holstein-Friesian cows. In every detail the scenery you will be immersed into when hiking the Frisian Coast Trail. It is a pamphlet of the former Dutch PacifistContinue reading “Women of Frisia: free and unbound?”

PRESS RELEASE: Consensus Frisia Tribunal

It is a well known fact the Frisians fought in foreign armies. Whether as foreign fighter in the Mediterranean and the Levant, or as mercenary of the Roman army in Britannia. Also their medieval kings committed war crimes. Early Frisian merchants were heavily involved in the profitable slave trade on the British Isles. Furthermore, individualsContinue reading “PRESS RELEASE: Consensus Frisia Tribunal”

Escher: Land of Confusion

“Dude, take a deep sigh and look at the landscape of the picture below. Don’t panic. You’re not alone and the world isn’t empty. Slowly release the smoke.” “Take another sigh and now look at the landscape of the piece below. Feeling better already? See what I mean, brother? Nice birds too.” This is psychedelicContinue reading “Escher: Land of Confusion”

Celtic-Frisian heritage: There’s no dealing with the Wheel of Fortune

August 2016, in the Dutch late-night talk show Pauw, former television presenter of the game show Wheel of Fortune, Hans van der Togt, told about his hard and miserable life in province Friesland. In this post we will explain plain and simple it was Hans’ pagan doom or destiny to end up in Frisia, despiteContinue reading “Celtic-Frisian heritage: There’s no dealing with the Wheel of Fortune”