Altitude and Equipment


Rucksacks – Your choice of rucksack (a German loanword, by the way), or backback, is important. As with all equipment: the lighter the better. But be prepared for rain. Good rain-covers are essential.

​Rucksacks are not a novelty and have been in use since the Stone Age. Also in the North Sea region rucksacks have been used and thanks to archaeological research we also know how the rucksacks of the Middle Ages looked like (see picture). Imagine a Viking leaving his ship with this on his back. So, for the purists this is the type of rucksack you want to use.

Viking Age rucksack

Footwear – Basically you have two choices: the sturdy rough shoes with support of your ankles or the lightweight running shoes without support of your ankles. Our advice would be to use the latter option. Much of the surface you will be walking on is flat and hard surface. No loose stones or what ever. If possible purchase those that dry quickly too.

​Furthermore, when you go hiking the mudflats at the Wadden Sea, these lightweight shoes are the preferred option as well. Heavy shoes will make it a heavy hike. Read our blog Walking the Sea including tips how to hike safely at the mudflats and professional organisations that can guide you on this last dangerous frontier. 

​Read also our blog Boots made for walkin’ on the choices of footwear for the Frisia Coast Trail, including advice on clogs and early-medieval shoes of the region.

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