When to go

Weather-wise any time of year it is possible to hike the Frisia Coast Trail. It all depends on your preferences. Read our page Weather for more information about temperatures, rain and wind, and more rain.

An other facor to consider is the holiday season. During summer the beaches and the Wadden sea islands are very busy with tourists from the so-called 4 trail-countries Belgium, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. But also tourists from other European countries, and even beyond. Finding a spot on a camping or finding lodging in hotels, B&B’s, guesthouses, old churches, and alike, might become difficult if not planned ahead. Read also our blog post Lodging etiquette in Ostfriesland with tips and tricks what to do if no hotels or campings can offer shelter.  Also know, staying in guesthouses along the trail is not without risk, check out our blog post The Women of Anjum.

When you want to hike and roam through the dune areas and the wet salt marshes along the coast, it is good to know that access to these nature areas is limited during bird breeding season, normally between mid-March and mid-July.

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