2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dear Hans, what a fascinating blog you’ve created! It’s fun, well-researched and very informative. I love the way you combine different disciplines, scientific research, music and art work. As a ‘Fries om ùtens’ I am, and have always been, hot on all things Frisian. As an English man and a teacher (do I dare to criticise or even suggest it!) I think your blog could benefit from some improvements in syntax. Your English is admirable nevertheless. Get in touch if you need some guidance on this. Happy to be of advice! Cornelis


    1. Thanks Cornelis for your kind words! Much appreciated. It’s really a hobby and I do my best with high school English or Dinglish 😉 For now, we do not want to make our blog hobby too complicated, knowing we miss the finesses in language. Thanks nevertheless! Best, Hans


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