It all began with piracy

The arrival of the Romans in northwest Europe at the beginning of the era, with the River Rhine as frontier, was the starting signal for five centuries of widespread piracy. Piracy that not only affected the coasts of Britannia and Gaul. It stirred things up even as far as the coasts of the Mediterranean andContinue reading “It all began with piracy”

The United Frisian Emirates and Black Peat

In this blog post we will explain that the United Arab Emirates might as well be named the United Frisian Emirates. Of course, there are some differences. The Emirate Arabs have camels and goats. The Frisians have cows and sheep. It is hot and dry, instead of wet and cold. And the sea they liveContinue reading “The United Frisian Emirates and Black Peat”

Have a Frisians Cocktail

With the coming seasonal festivities at the end of the year, it is appropriate to serve you a flavorful cocktail. It is a cocktail from the list ‘Myths of Nations’, namely the ‘Frisians Cocktail’. Its recipe is not as old as some people thought it was, or would like it to be, but it isContinue reading “Have a Frisians Cocktail”

Weladu the flying blacksmith

Master blacksmith Wayland is well-known from Germanic mythology. The smith who was kept captive on a small island in the sea, and escaped from it with selfmade wings. The Saxons, Anglo-Saxons, Norwegians, Icelanders, in fact, all the old Germanic peoples had their own medieval stories or artifacts relating to Wayland. Even the Franks did. All,Continue reading “Weladu the flying blacksmith”

Grassland conversations

Being at the grasslands might lead to encounters with farmers or other wanderers and, of course, with ‘birdwatchers’ (see also the note at the end of this post). These encounters go in slow motion, and in clearly defined phases. These phases should be observed strictly if you have any ambition to mingle with locals, orContinue reading “Grassland conversations”

Beacons of Nordfriesland

Nordfriesland, or North Frisia. The western coast and islands of the region Schleswig. Stretching from the Danish town Tønder in the north to the River Eider in the south. A broad strip of land by the sea with all islands in between. It is here where a specific celebration of bonfires takes place every year.Continue reading “Beacons of Nordfriesland”

Frisian support for the Corsican Cause in jeopardy

September 2018, one the Frisian bastards hiked the Grande Randonnée 20 in Corsica. GR-vingt, as the French say. The GR20 is Europe’s toughest long-distance trail, so they say. And one of the most dangerous, as it turned out. The bastard wanted to experience the similarities of hiking trails that cover territories of Europe’s autochthonous minorities.Continue reading “Frisian support for the Corsican Cause in jeopardy”

Bil. A wasteland of non-integrated migrants?

This is the story of the reclamation of the former Middelzee ‘Middle Sea’ in the Netherlands. A shallow inland sea that used to cut present-day province of Friesland into two. Separating the shires Westrachia (present-day Westergo) and Austrachia (present-day Oostergo) from each other. Hence the name Middle Sea. It was a process of centuries toContinue reading “Bil. A wasteland of non-integrated migrants?”

Celtic-Frisian heritage: There’s no dealing with the Wheel of Fortune

August 2016, in the Dutch late-night talk show Pauw, former television presenter of the game show Wheel of Fortune, Hans van der Togt, told about his hard and miserable life in province Friesland. In this blog post we explain plain and simple it was Hans’ pagan doom, or destiny, to end up in Frisia, despiteContinue reading “Celtic-Frisian heritage: There’s no dealing with the Wheel of Fortune”

Leeuwarden 2018: European Capital of Exiled Governments

In Germany and the Netherlands the Frisians are worried about the wave of referenda and separation going through Europe and the world recent years; Quebec, Scotland, Kurdistan, Catalonia, Padania and Ambazonia. The Yazidis and the Rohingya driven from their lands. In the midst of this, the city of Leeuwarden in province of Friesland in theContinue reading “Leeuwarden 2018: European Capital of Exiled Governments”