How great was Great Pier? (the sequel)

Breaking! Great Pier measured around 2.30 meters in height! This question has been bugging the Frisians for centuries. Now we know. How? Keep reading… Granted. We asked ourselves this very same question in a previous blog post. We explored how great Pier was… as a leader. This time we are asking the same question, butContinue reading “How great was Great Pier? (the sequel)”

How great was Great Pier?

Most Frisians know the name of Great Pier, or ‘Grutte Pier’ in Frisian. But what do we really know about him? Well, all we know for sure is that he was tall. Very tall. Spoiler alert: his name gave away that he was tall, right? If you would ask your friends and family what theyContinue reading “How great was Great Pier?”

10 words to travel 1,500 years and miles across the Frisian shores

Are these white letters on the wall encrypted gibberish to you? With learning a handful of keywords, you’ll have deciphered them in no time. Even better, tens of thousands of town names will hold no longer any secrets for you. Each placename will reveal its unique story to you. You will make a great impressionContinue reading “10 words to travel 1,500 years and miles across the Frisian shores”

Atlantis found! Wait, there is another one, or 7, wait 12 in total… No, 19!

Atlantis found! Wait, there is another one, or 7, wait 12 in total… No, 19! Frisia could easily claim the title: land of Atlantis. 19 inhabited islands and 244 villages drowned along the old Frisian coast trail in the past 1,500 years. We bet there are more out there… Atlantis emerged in the writings ofContinue reading “Atlantis found! Wait, there is another one, or 7, wait 12 in total… No, 19!”

Take a virtual hike through Zuid-Holland and Utrecht

This blog is a virtual hike. Grab a coffee and go 200 kilometers per hour. When ploughing through piles of research on where the Frisians roamed, we stumbled upon interesting Frisian place names. A few weeks ago we, the two Frisian bastards, took another hike. We walked a track of 31 km along the riverContinue reading “Take a virtual hike through Zuid-Holland and Utrecht”

Liudger, the first Frisian apostle

Liudger succeeded where other evangelists failed. He finally managed to convert the pagan Frisians to Christianity, because he “spoke their language”. Did he really? A very thorough study from Hinne Wagenaar reveals quite a startling truth about this Frisian apostle. Some time ago I stumbled upon an article from Hinne Wagenaar, called “Liudger, apostle ofContinue reading “Liudger, the first Frisian apostle”

Is Magna Frisia fact or fiction?

Here are some maps that help you locate the Frisians in the Early Middle Ages (500-800 AD). We combined old maps, archaeological finds, old scriptures and historical research. In one of our previous blog posts we pinpointed several locations where the 5 Frisian kings set foot. In this blog we focus on the Frisian territoriesContinue reading “Is Magna Frisia fact or fiction?”

Follow the footsteps of Five Frisian Kings

We plotted the exact locations of the whereabouts of the five Frisian kings Finn, Audulfus, Aldgisl, Redbad and Poppo. We might have even hit some royal DNA samples. GPS, ready, go! Just follow and click the blue pins on the map below. Plotting the Frisia Coast Trail hike When shaping the Frisian Coast Trail weContinue reading “Follow the footsteps of Five Frisian Kings”

King Redbad’s last act

Not much is known about Redbad’s death. Many Frankish fragments use his year of death as a historical point of reference for many events. One story tells about his strong wish to make sure his heritage ends up with the rightful owners. It is 719. Redbad has been ill for six years. He suffers fromContinue reading “King Redbad’s last act”

Finally, King Redbad made his point in the European Commission – via Facebook

“I can not live without the company of my forefathers”, Redbad said in an interview in 718. In 2018 this sentence caused turmoil in the social media and the European Union. Having such an impact 1300 after your death deserves some further investigation, we believe. This article is about a medieval king, freedom of religion,Continue reading “Finally, King Redbad made his point in the European Commission – via Facebook”