What’s hip and happening at the grasslands?

How do we Frisians spent our time off? The Frisians in the Netherlands must have loads of it because perspectives for a job are about the lowest in the country. And those who have a job, face no traffic jams consuming precious hours every day either like the people of the cities in the south.Continue reading “What’s hip and happening at the grasslands?”

The Boarn Supremacy

In the 8th century the Battle of the Boarn was fought. It was a huge battle between the Frisians and the Franks. The stakes were very high: the supremacy over the North of the Netherlands. According to the sources it took place at the borders of the Boarn (Boorne) or the Bordine or both. TheContinue reading “The Boarn Supremacy”

The mother of all dikes

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to get down and dirty. Nope, this article is not about lesbians. This dike is not made of flesh and bones, but it is made of dirt, dung and, ok probably ‘bones‘. This dike is actually an old Route 66. A dike is an artificial slope to regulate waterContinue reading “The mother of all dikes”

Manual Making a Terp in 12 Steps

This is your DIY manual for enlarging or creating your own terp. Your artificial settlement mound or house platform. Despite terps are being made for more than 2,600 years, this manual is the first of its kind. We sincerely hope it is not too little too late, now that terp-building is on the rise again,Continue reading “Manual Making a Terp in 12 Steps”

Walking the Sea

Mud flats are treacherous. Yes, the Wadden Sea stretching along the coasts of Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands is UNESCO protected. We support that. But, when hiking the Frisia Coast Trail and you go walkabout on its flats at low tide, do so with the utmost care because UNESCO does not give you protection. “ItContinue reading “Walking the Sea”

Oldest Vessel of the World

The Pesse Canoe. The oldest water vessel of the world was found near the village of Pesse in province Drenthe, the Netherlands. It is dated between 8040-7510 BC, leaving even ancient cradles like Egypt and Mesopotamia behind. Sure, we have time for you to re-read the previous sentence. The canoe is of Scots pine wood,Continue reading “Oldest Vessel of the World”

Introducing the Frisia Coast Trail

Why did we create the Frisia Coast Trail in the first place? Do you know that feeling of having more hobbies than time? We do. We suffer from multiple areas of interest. Here are two examples. We both like hiking A lot. We did some cool hikes and visited all the continents, except Antarctica. WeContinue reading “Introducing the Frisia Coast Trail”

The Women of Anjum

Late in the afternoon, December 28, 2018, one of the Frisian bastards arrived at Anjum after a hike that had started at the village of Holwerd. A walk of 30 kilometres along the coast. It was exactly 21 years ago that the villagers were shaken by the national news. The discovery of two bodies, buriedContinue reading “The Women of Anjum”