Terrorist Fighters from the Wadden Sea

When it comes to de-radicalization of foreign terrorist fighters, Frisians (in this context modern region Ostfriesland in Germany and provinces Groningen and Friesland in the Netherlands) do not have a good track record, and have not much expertise to offer. The only thing they can contribute to today’s challenges of combating terrorism is to illustrateContinue reading “Terrorist Fighters from the Wadden Sea”

Lodging etiquette in Ostfriesland

Before the owner of the house agrees to give you lodging for the night, it might be you have to show him your silver. Like a computer ‘safe button’ avant la lettre probably a child gets sore ears as well. These were the ways of the first legally blonds. Be prepared that you might encounterContinue reading “Lodging etiquette in Ostfriesland”

The Boarn Supremacy

In the 8th century the Battle of the Boarn was fought. It was a huge battle between the Frisians and the Franks. The stakes were very high: the supremacy over the North of the Netherlands. According to the sources it took place at the borders of the Boarn (Boorne) or the Bordine or both. TheContinue reading “The Boarn Supremacy”

The mother of all dikes

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to get down and dirty. Nope, this article is not about lesbians. This dike is not made of flesh and bones, but it is made of dirt, dung and, ok probably ‘bones‘. This dike is actually an old Route 66. A dike is an artificial slope to regulate waterContinue reading “The mother of all dikes”

Manual Making a Terp in 12 Steps

This is your DIY manual for enlarging or creating your own terp. Your artificial settlement mound or house platform. Despite terps are being made for more than 2,600 years, this manual is the first of its kind. We sincerely hope it is not too little too late, now that terp-building is on the rise again,Continue reading “Manual Making a Terp in 12 Steps”

Medieval Migration Law

Hwasa thene vthemeda husath ieftha howath ieftha oppa sinne werf set, sa skel hi thes wachtia, hwetsa hi deth. Who receives a foreigner in his house or in his court or seats on his yard, shall be responsible for all that he does. This is codified law of ca. 1250, the so-called Brookmerbrief. The Brookmerbrief,Continue reading “Medieval Migration Law”

Walking the Sea

Mud flats are treacherous. Yes, the Wadden Sea stretching along the coasts of Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands is UNESCO protected. We support that. But, when hiking the Frisia Coast Trail and you go walkabout on its flats at low tide, do so with the utmost care because UNESCO does not give you protection. “ItContinue reading “Walking the Sea”

Notre dame of Grou

The ‘First Lady’ of the village of Grou in province Friesland, the Netherlands, also named Grytsje of Grou. Archaeologists found her in January 2018 in the town of Grou at Halbertsmaplein square. Her grave is dated mid-eighth century. She received the title First Lady because until this find, it was not known people lived atContinue reading “Notre dame of Grou”

True Pirates of the Caribbean

At the end of the seventeenth century, during the Nine Year’s War, the privateers commissioned by the Dutch Republic, based in the province Zeeland, captured booty that exceeded those of the infamous Dunkirk and St. Malo corsairs. About 24 million florin. These Zeeland pirates were known as the Pixaringos. Together with the Wadden Sea area,Continue reading “True Pirates of the Caribbean”

Oldest Vessel of the World

The Pesse Canoe. The oldest water vessel of the world was found near the village of Pesse in province Drenthe, the Netherlands. It is dated between 8040-7510 BC, leaving even ancient cradles like Egypt and Mesopotamia behind. Sure, we have time for you to re-read the previous sentence. The canoe is of Scots pine wood,Continue reading “Oldest Vessel of the World”