In debt to the beastly Westfrisians

This blog post is about the harsh history of the ‘beastly’ Westfrisians, and especially those of the town of Medemblik. Medemblik, the grande dame of region Westfriesland in province Noord Holland in the Netherlands. There are many legends about Medemblik, e.g. that it was the city where King Radbod resided. But, above all it isContinue reading “In debt to the beastly Westfrisians”

The battles of Redbad, unplugged

King Redbad died in 719. Some 1300 years later, as a tribute a movie about this Frisian king hit the silver screen in the Dutch cinemas. Redbad repeatedly ended up fighting his neighbours, the Franks. Where and how often, will be explored in this article. As a hikers blog that follows the whereabouts of Frisian history, we areContinue reading “The battles of Redbad, unplugged”

Women of Frisia: free and unbound?

Below Saskia Holleman. The reincarnation of Mata Hari, her fellow-citizen. Saskia, born in 1945 in the city Leeuwarden in province Friesland, the Netherlands. Standing naked in milky grasslands with Holstein-Friesian cows. In every detail the scenery you will be immersed into when hiking the Frisian Coast Trail. It is a pamphlet of the former DutchContinue reading “Women of Frisia: free and unbound?”

Leeuwarden 2018: European Capital of Exiled Governments

In Germany and in the Netherlands the Frisians are worried about the wave of referenda and separation going through Europe and the world recent years; Quebec, Scotland, Kurdistan, Catalonia, Padania and Ambazonia. The Yazidis and the Rohingya driven from their lands. In the midst of this, the city of Leeuwarden in province of Friesland inContinue reading “Leeuwarden 2018: European Capital of Exiled Governments”

The Boarn Supremacy

In the 8th century the Battle of the Boarn was fought. It was a huge battle between the Frisians and the Franks. The stakes were very high: the supremacy over the North of the Netherlands. According to the sources it took place at the borders of the Boarn (Boorne) or the Bordine or both. TheContinue reading “The Boarn Supremacy”

True Pirates of the Caribbean

At the end of the seventeenth century, during the Nine Year’s War, the privateers commissioned by the Dutch Republic, based in the province Zeeland, captured booty that exceeded those of the infamous Dunkirk and St. Malo corsairs. About 24 million florin. These Zeeland pirates were known as the Pixaringos. Together with the Wadden Sea area,Continue reading “True Pirates of the Caribbean”